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When it comes to setting the stage for a one-of-a-kind coffee table display, just about everything works. The more offbeat the items, the cooler. A dressed-up coffee table can tell a story about you, showcase your personality and be a wonderful conversation starter. These photos of coffee table decor may inspire you to include pieces you never thought of and help you get your decor on the table without looking forced or cluttered. From the smallest table to the largest, here are some creative coffee-table looks to try.

For rectangular coffee tables, try this easy 2-to-1 formula: Add two small decor items to one side and one large item to the other. Make sure the heights vary. You can increase the height of one of the items using a box or books.

A round table has no corners to anchor pieces on, as a rectangular or square table does. You can create a display in the center, or display items around the edges. Thanks for visiting! For this coffee table, the flat books are across from each other, and decorative pieces fill in the space. It feels very cozy and allows the person on each sofa to grab a book easily.

Consider the size of your coffee table. For a larger table, try creating various small vignettes, each different in scale, height and finish.

Consider the size of your coffee table. Keep smaller tables clean and minimal so the table functions well when you have guests.

Stack books on your coffee table. Create two stacks of different heights, and add precious mementos on top of each stack.

Books lift a sculptural decor piece and increases its presence so it doesn’t get swallowed up by the over-sized bowl nearby.

Include an antique you inherited. Items with sentimental value will make you feel rich in memories.

An antique tea set brings in much glitz and personality to even a contemporary styled room.

Don’t be afraid to bring in one giant shot of color. I love this big yummy red box that was added to the coffee table.

How about a collection of glass bottles? Different heights and shapes look great gathered on one end of a table anchored by a low, wide decor piece on the other.

Create a theme on the table. office fit out melbourne A nautical theme is not hard. Include a tall sea glass vase, your collection of sea shells collected from vacations, your copy of Moby-Dick, or a book on sea life. Notice how everything varies in height, finish and shape.A tray turns an ottoman into a coffee table. Fill it with fun trinkets of different heights and shapes.
Use two trays for a large ottoman.

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