Does the Baby Need a Security Blanket

gerber-flannel receiving blanketsWhen perusing rows upon rows of newborn baby girl clothes on sites like newborn baby girl clothes, parents may come across baby security blankets and may start asking themselves if their baby really needs such an accessory.

These blankets are also called loveys, and they are often small and adorned with cute stuffed animals or prints. The blankets serve a functional purpose and aren’t just for the baby’s emotional security. They can cover up its legs and arms and keep the baby warm when their clothing isn’t adequate while they are sleeping. Of course, the baby will likely want to hold onto the blanket when they are awake and may cuddle with it once they fall asleep.
Using a blanket can soothe babies who are fussy or who are always grasping at the air. When they begin grasping, they are looking for something to hold onto, whether it be their parent or some other form of comfort. The blanket can provide that comfort for them, and each parent will have to assess their baby’s needs individually to determine if a security blanket is right for them.

These blankets are often found alongside newborn baby girl clothes, and it can be challenging for parents to decide whether the blanket is right for their kids or not, as they do their shopping. The parent may be concerned about the baby becoming dependent on the blanket and then wonder how they will deal with the baby if their blanket is in the wash when the baby is starting to fuss. This is an individual decision to make, though, and only the parents can really tell if their baby will benefit from the blanket or not.

Some babies do just fine with it, getting some emotional support and security from the blanket but still willing to get that same security from their parents. In cases where the baby becomes too dependent on the blanket, it may be necessary to wean them off of it, as with anything the baby becomes dependent on over time. Only experience will be able to tell parents how useful the blanket will be to their child and if it is the right choice for them.

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